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Was that God talking to him about WoW?

I played a lot of WoW but this didn't resonate with me too much. The animation was pretty good, so I think the plot/story is the main part that could be improved.

DahcYeliab responds:

Absolutely. It was pretty much just for shits & giggles. Thanks for review.


I like this. Don't get me wrong, this isn't something that should be shown to the friends and families of the victims. Also, it was pretty nasty... But, all you NG members who call this blasphemous and such are the very same people who come here and laugh at all the other killing and controversy. What makes the life of an American more valuable than the life of anyone else? Innocent people die all the time, yet we care when our own butts are at stake. Also, these same people who held their religion so dear last year are now back to their old unmindful ways.
Finally, reflecting more on the main point of this movie, I can't believe how many people look at simple coincidence as a "miracle".
But, if people need religion to make themselves feel better, then I guess I would rather have that than utter chaos.

Circular reasoning at it's best!

God, this movie really hits home with me. I can't believe how many people quote the Bible in order to prove it's validity! I actually had a Jehovah's witness do that exact thing to me on my doorstep!

I think it's funny how he had the word "atheist" on his hat too. I dunno why... it's just funny.

I really enjoy your satires, even though some of it is pretty offensive.

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Overall a great game, but controls are frustrating

This game has great graphics, very fluid animations and engaging music/sfx. It's also a very funny concept and I love all the little extras here and there like the guy popping up laughing at you. I especially liked all the mistranslations. Very well done and highly polished. The platform engine programming is also pretty nicely done. I really like the closelining effect in the game.

I do find the controls quite frustrating though. I get that the game is supposed to be tough, so I really gave it some time and tried to figure out the controls, but I found some things just flat out make the game less enjoyable. Here's some thoughts:

- Character's momentum should stop a bit sooner when you release the key, especially when he's just jogging. It makes it very hard to control when he's skidding all over.
- It should be a little easier to grab onto a ledge. The height of the jump should be controlled by the length of the button being held only and not by how much momentum there is. Possibly allow him to pull himself up from a few pixels lower than it currently is.
- Character should automatically grab onto ledge if he's flush against it and facing it, even if he's not holding the arrow key towards it.
- It'd be nice to be able to gain a little bit of vertical momentum while airborne (maybe half the accelerance on land).

- I'm not exactly sure how to quantify this, but I feel like the run button is not very well implemented. Clock suggests speed, so you run despite the tutorial's warning. While running you can't control your jump's height or length, and can't control hurdling move he does, so most of the time this just results in smashing into a wall. Can run over stairs or slopes, so basically the only reason to run is to wall jump or if the level design requires it. The game would be a lot better if quick reflexes and learning each level allowed one to use run as a way to get a really quick time, but as it is jogging is faster than running.
- Sometimes the player trips when just jogging over stairs and I don't know why.
- Sometimes if you get close to the edge and you start falling down, he gets stuck in a loop of falling over and over again until you arrow key away from the edge.
- The shoes are just a little too squeaky. Maybe make them squeak 50% less often? :)

I had a bunch of specific reason for a lot of these but I had to cut them out due to character limit.

Very well put together game

This is a really polished game despite the simple concept. The action was intense, and the camera handling, explosions, screaming sound effects, everything was just really well thought out.

Kind of fun but mostly frustrating

I think these games would be better if the required actions were just a bit less obscure. I beat the game and I'm not even sure exactly what I did that let me escape.

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