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Was that God talking to him about WoW?

I played a lot of WoW but this didn't resonate with me too much. The animation was pretty good, so I think the plot/story is the main part that could be improved.

DahcYeliab responds:

Absolutely. It was pretty much just for shits & giggles. Thanks for review.


I like this. Don't get me wrong, this isn't something that should be shown to the friends and families of the victims. Also, it was pretty nasty... But, all you NG members who call this blasphemous and such are the very same people who come here and laugh at all the other killing and controversy. What makes the life of an American more valuable than the life of anyone else? Innocent people die all the time, yet we care when our own butts are at stake. Also, these same people who held their religion so dear last year are now back to their old unmindful ways.
Finally, reflecting more on the main point of this movie, I can't believe how many people look at simple coincidence as a "miracle".
But, if people need religion to make themselves feel better, then I guess I would rather have that than utter chaos.

Circular reasoning at it's best!

God, this movie really hits home with me. I can't believe how many people quote the Bible in order to prove it's validity! I actually had a Jehovah's witness do that exact thing to me on my doorstep!

I think it's funny how he had the word "atheist" on his hat too. I dunno why... it's just funny.

I really enjoy your satires, even though some of it is pretty offensive.


This reminds me of the direction that my Phil and Yellow cartoon took. The first one was funnier, and the second was just pretty random.

That music for his dream world was freaky, and I think it's funny that he sleeps in his suit.

I finally watched it Frank!

That was pretty funny. Twould be funnier with actual voices though... I'll watch your other one, maybe you did in that one.

Linkin FrankClock

Haha, let's hear it for the great FrankClock.

Frank2982 responds:

or Clockin Park. I rule... oh wait, Damn, I suck.


I thought it was funny when the earth was flying in and it said "10 minutes later". I remember some of those FF moves did take forever! This was funny, not too bad. One suggestion though: don't use green gradient for the text box, and use a better font next time. Those things just make it look generic. And also, make the next arrow in the same spot all the time, so I don't have to search around every single frame to find it. Peace


I think I saw some hidden porn in there! This was really funny! Unfortunately, the filesize was outrageous, and therefore I scored low.

Superabound responds:

Hidden porn? Why whatever could you mean?
Yeah i know the filesize is too big, once i get Flash off my friend's comp im gonna redo this with sound and everything. It will be much smaller. I still dont know what that "hidden porn" comment was all about though. <evil grin>


I never laughed so hard!!!! It's my alter-ego, EntropiClock!!!! Orange, if you keep making movies like this, then I will not hate you anymore. Just please make less C movies, or else make them a little bit more interesting.

Dude, listen to me.

This is not the BBS where you can just post as many crappy things as you want. People submit hard work to the portal. By submitting all of these movies, you are really making it hard for anyone to see the movies recently submitted that you pushed off the recent 20.

Please either:
a) Stop making movies.
b) Put all of the crappy mini-movies into one movie.
c)Wait to submit lots of movies in a row.

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