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New Game Company "ClickShake" + pics from Flash Gaming Summit

2010-03-15 20:55:21 by EntropicOrder

Zeebarf and I, two of the creators behind Paradox Embrace, have teamed up to form a company together called ClickShake Games, all thanks to the Power of Three event bringing us together (thanks Tom!). We're both now working on games full time so this year should be some exciting times. Since Paradox Embrace, we've released 2 games for Comedy Central. The first is Buy Buy Buy!, an auction game with 100 funny items. Then just recently we released a really funny point and click adventure game called Ugly Americans: Citizen Ugly for the animated series premiere coming this Wednesday! It has 45 different screens you travel to and from, with loads of items to find, combine and trade, so it's pretty epic. Head over to our site to try out our latest games.

We also just got back from the Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco last week and had a really great time. We met Mike, Luis, BomToons and JackSmack from Newgrounds, as well as folks from HeroInteractive, Armor Games and Kongregate and others. The Summit, put on by MochiMedia, was heavily geared toward monetization as people are taking Flash games more and more seriously as a way to make a living. We posted pictures from our trip out there on our Facebook page. Here's Luis, Mike, Jay (Zeebarf) and me (Steve AKA EntropicOrder):

New Game Company "ClickShake" + pics from Flash Gaming Summit


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2010-03-15 21:24:08

Good meeting you guys out there!


2010-03-15 22:34:36

lol i look huge and hungover in that photo. anywhooo nice meeting you all.


2010-03-16 18:07:37

Great meeting you guys @ FGS and I look forward to seeing what 'ClickShake Games' releases this year!



2010-03-20 18:59:12

mike looks like seth rogen